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MS Links: MS Symptoms

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General Symptoms:
MSIF: What are the symptoms of MS?
The Symptoms of MS
NMSS: Symptoms
Multiple Sclerosis
CMSC: International Journal of MS Care
Sexuality/Sexual Dysfunction:
MSIF: Sexual Changes in MS
IMSS: Multiple Sclerosis and Sex
NMSS: Sexuality
CMSC: Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis
IMSS: Multiple Sclerosis and Fatigue
NMSS: Fatigue: What You Should Know
Cognitive Problems:
MSIF: Cognitive Problems
IMSS: Cognitive and Perceptual Problems in MS
Aerobics of the Mind: Brain Exercises
Multiple Sclerosis and Depression
Effect of Demyelination on Mood in Multiple Sclerosis
Pain in MS:
Spinal Tap Headaches:
Spinal Headache Prevention (Spinal Tap side effects)
Sleeping Problems:
Sleep Paralysis Page
Dealing with heat/Uhthoff's Symptom:
MSCenter - The Effects of Heat on MS
Mayo: Balance exercises
VEDA: Vertigo support
PNA: Dizziness Explained
WE MOVE: Spasticity
Bladder Dysfunction/Incontinance/Hesitancy:
MSIF: Does MS Cause Bladder Problems?
IMSS: Bladder Management
NIH: Bladder Control/MS/Women
InfoSci: Bladder Management in Multiple Sclerosis
Bowel Dysfunction/Constipation:
IMSS: Bowel problems in MS
NMSS: Bowel Dysfunction
Myoclonus/Restless limbs:
What is myoclonus?
Respiratory Dysfunction:
Respiratory dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis
Exercise and MS:
IMSS: Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis
INTERNAF: Exercise for Ataxia

GeneClinics: Ataxia Overview