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MS Links: Organisations

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The International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies (IFMSS)
    A site maintained by neurologists and helpers at the Institute of Neurology in London, UK. Designed for people with MS as well as professionals and contains a lot of medical and other information.
IMSSF: International MS Support Foundation
    A vast store of information and support including texts on MS by neurologists, a range of forums, a library, classified ads and more besides.
Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis
    The Boston Cure Project is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to curing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by determining the cause of MS.
MS Awareness Foundation
    Organisation providing information and services to achieve a more rewarding and buoyant life experience for those with Multiple Sclerosis. Aims to promote self-awareness and educate the public at large about the health and lifestyle challenges facing those affected with the disease.
The Invisible Disabilities Advocate
    Offers support for the many problems faced by people who have disabilities which are not obvious at first glance. MS is often in this bracket.
    A site providing simple down-to-earth MS information with an emphasis on women and mothers. Includes forums, chat pages, articles on living with MS and other features.
MS Net - organising multiple sclerosis information
    Information on MS, polls on MS and a variety of Healtholgy webcasts on MS symptoms, management and treatments.
MS Log News service
    Frequently updated news about multiple sclerosis from the medical world and beyond gethered by MSNet.
MedSupport FSF International
    Dedicated to educating and assisting persons with disabilities, their caregivers and their families. We offer caring, support, and information through a variety of interactive moderated forums and chat areas as well as a bi-monthly newsletter.
Multiple Sclerosis Central
    Provides MS information, forums, chat pages, MS storytelling and many other features.
Erase MS
    Family organization that provides quality medical equipment and supplies while attempting to create a "community" atmosphere with resources and assistance rather than just another e-commerce site.
    This periodical has a huge collection of personal stories written by people with MS as well as other relevant information.
Consortium of MS Centers
    This site is primarily aimed at medical professionals but contains much of great interest to people with MS.
Caneman2 - Hand-crafted Appalachian wooden canes
    Handcrafted canes, walking sticks, strolling sticks and hiking poles, staffs are made from hickory, oak, cedar, walnut and other hardwoods.
    MS information site run by Serono, the makers of the beta interferon drug, Rebif. Has a lot of information including the valuable MS highlights periodical which details what is going on in the field of MS research.
Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    The MS Society is Britain's largest charity for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This is their web home.
MS Trust
    British non-profit organisation providing information about MS which is positive and constructive, educating nurses and other health professionals and providing research which is practical and relevant to people who live with MS.
Aberdeen Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society
    Information about the branch including details about what sort of events are planned for future dates.
Foyle Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society
    Foyle Branch supports persons with MS in the Derry City Council and Limavady Borough Council areas of Northern Ireland.
MSRC: Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre
    Site providing information about MS including diet, medical research, living with MS, support groups and more. Aims to inform without being prescriptive. The web home of New Pathways magazine.
The Scottish Association of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centres
    Information about MS, diet, HBO and other treatments, support groups and the 11 Scottish Centres in the Association.
The Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centres (Old site)
The Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centres (New site)
Oxford Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre
The Chilterns Multiple Sclerosis Centre
RAA: Raising Asian Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis
Mutual Support - The Armed Forces National MS Support Group
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
The Multiple Sclerosis Association of King County
NFCA: National Family Caregivers Association
The MS Awareness Foundation
Laurel Highlands Multiple Sclerosis Support Group
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
Multiple Sclerosis Only!
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
MS Australia
MS Ireland
Sclerose en plaques: ligue française contre la sclérose en plaques
Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft Bundesverband e.V.
Zoranov MS website
Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla Italian MS Society
MSweb, voor MenSen met Multiple Sclerose
Neurologiskt Handikappades Riksförbund
Multippel Sklerose Forbundet
Suomen MS-liitto ry

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