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The Boston Young Women's MS Support Group

September 3rd, 2003
Amy Carrier
Boston Cure Project

The Young Women's MS Support Group is in the pipeline and is currently looking for members. Founded by young, professional, dynamic and positive-thinking women recently diagnosed and living with Multiple Sclerosis, the group provides casual social interaction and support for Young Professional Women with Multiple Sclerosis in the Boston, MA area.

Why the Young Women's MS Support Group?

We were not interested in traditional support group forums which usually meet in hospitals or clinics (don’t we spend enough time at these places out of no choice of our own?!) – we wanted to be able to meet in the same kind of informal, casual locations where we meet our friends and live our lives. In an effort to provide such positive, social environments for the gatherings, our in-person meetings will be held at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and other meeting locations that are safe, comfortable and accessible in and around Boston. We will support each other through friendship, listening, sharing and the bond that MS has given us – and we won't let MS keep us from living successful, fulfilling lives. If you are a young woman (in your 20’s or 30’s) with a similar attitude about your MS and have stayed away from “support groups” for the same reasons we have, join this forum and learn how our group is so much more – and can be so much more to you.

To join the online forum, YoungWomenMSBoston, a Yahoo! e-group through which announcements and details of events will be distributed, send an email to this address
 -- We hope you'll join us and begin to find comfort in the friendships you will make. ...We don’t SUFFER from MS, we carry on, we survive, and live our lives the best we can... and have a little fun doing it!

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