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Potential therapeutical role of cannabinoids in neurology

Schmerz. 2003 Oct;17(5):367-73
Schwenkreis P, Tegenthoff M.
Neurologische Universitatsklinik, BG-Kliniken Bergmannsheil Bochum

This review gives insight into the potential therapeutical role of cannabinoids in neurology.

Preclinical data are presented which could give a rationale for the clinical use of cannabinoids in the fields of multiple sclerosis, spasticity, epilepsy, movement disorders, and neuroprotection after traumatic head injury or ischemic stroke.

Besides, clinical data (case reports, open-label and randomised controlled studies) dealing with the therapeutical use of cannabinoids in these fields are reported and discussed.

At present, clinical data are insufficient to recommend the use of cannabinoids in any neurological disease as standard therapy.

Several questions still have to be answered (which cannabinoid? which way of administration? stimulation of endogenous cannabinoids? separation between desired and undesired effects?), and controlled studies are still needed to clarify the potential therapeutical role of cannabinoids in neurology.