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CD4, CD8 subsets and Fas co-expression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Pol Merkuriusz Lek. 2003 May;14(83):421-4
Bilinska M, Frydecka I, Podemski R.
Katedra i Klinika Neurologii Akademii Medycznej we Wroclawiu.

The percentages of CD4, CD8 subsets and Fas co-expression on them were assessed in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and in control group.

The MS patients were subdivided into two groups.

The first group--active, consisted of patients who progressed by one or more degrees on EDSS scale in the preceding year, while the second group--stable, consisted of patients who showed no progression of the disease in the same period of time.

Quantitative assessment of the individual subsets and Fas co-expression was carried out with the use of monoclonal anti-CD4, anti-CD8, as well as anti-CD95 antibodies, and Pas/Dako, Galaxy flow cytometer.

There were no significant differences in CD4, CD8 subsets among the active, stable MS patients, and the control group.

In the active MS group Fas co-expression on both subsets was significantly higher, as compared to controls.

In the stable MS group, as compared to controls, a significantly higher Fas co-expression on CD8 subsets was observed.

The investigation of Fas receptor expression on T lymphocytes in peripheral blood may be useful in order to monitor the progression of clinical activity in secondary progressive MS.