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Susceptibility genes for multiple sclerosis

Nippon Rinsho. 2003 Aug;61(8):1311-6
Fukazawa T, Kikuchi S, Niino M, Yabe I, Miyagishi R, Fukaura H, Hamada T, Tashiro K.
Hokuyukai Neurology Hospital.

Multiple lines of evidence support the role of genetic factors for susceptibility to multiple sclerosis (MS), although unknown environmental factors must play an important role in developing MS.

In this paper, we review the reports studied for the possible associations between Japanese MS and candidate genes by using case-control method.

As for HLA alleles, HLA-DRB1*1501 and -DPB1*0501 allele have been confirmed to be associated with conventional MS and opticospinal MS, respectively.

Some polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor gene, estrogen receptor gene, CTLA-4 gene, and osteopontin gene were reported to be associated with conventional MS.

Appropriate case ascertainment and collection as well as proper statistical method are needed to isolate the susceptibility genes for MS.