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Prognosis and factors that predict outcome in multiple sclerosis

Nippon Rinsho. 2003 Aug;61(8):1396-401
Matsui M.
Department of Neurology, Clinical Research Center, Center for Neurological Diseases, Utano National Hospital.

An understanding of the natural history of multiple sclerosis(MS) in a patient is important to begin proper treatment at the correct time, especially when there is a high risk for poor prognosis.

Factors that predict unfavorable prognosis are a primary or secondary progressive course, older age at disease onset, short interval between first and second attacks, initial cerebellar or pyramidal symptoms, a large number of functional systems involved at onset, moderate to severe disability within the first 2 years, and the presence of typical plaques or greater lesion volume shown by magnetic resonance imaging results during the first 5 years.

However, there are no established laboratory tests able to predict long-term prognosis.