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Copaxone and multiple sclerosis

Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2003;Spec No 2:79-82

Multiple sclerosis (MS)--autoimmune disease of CNS, characterized by myelin destruction and axonal damage.

The action of drugs recommended for its treatment [symbol: see text] aimy[symbol: see text] at the reduction of the autoimmune responses.

These responses lead to the neurological damage.

One of immunoregulators is glatiramer acetate--Copaxone.

Copaxone acts at different phases of MS pathogenesis and probably has a neuroprotective action.

Copaxone reduces the rate of relapses and leads to clinical stabilisation in cases of relapsing-remmiting MS.

Its efficacy and safety has been confirmed in long-term clinical and MRI-trials.

Copaxone has few side-effects that are non-significant.