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MS patients with depression may have higher cognitive impairments than otherwise healthy people with depression

September 15, 2003
FaxWatch Inc.

MS patients with depression may experience greater impairments in the process of knowing, thinking, learning and judging compared with otherwise healthy individuals with depression, according to a recent study.

The investigators studied 17 MS patients as well as a group of otherwise health people. All of the participants reported relatively low or high depression levels. The subjects depression was measured with a variety of tests and scales.

Results of the study indicated that MS patients with depression experienced an escalated neurophysiological dysfunction compared with the healthy subjects.

Neurophysiology investigates the link between a patient's experience or behavior and the basic processes of the system of nerve tissue within the body, including tissue located in the brain and spinal cord.

This research may have significant implications with regard to the expected effects of antidepressant and cognitive therapies on neuropsychological functioning in MS, the study authors concluded.

The findings appeared in the August issue of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry.

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