More MS news articles for September 2002

Derbyshire Beehive hits 700

16th September 2002
By Luke Woolliscroft

The Derby Evening Telegraph's Beehive Community Network, which provides free websites to voluntary and non-profit organisations, has published its 700th site.

The 'Sarah site' has been created by Sarah Basford who has degenerative disease multiple sclerosis.

She is hoping to use the site as "a place of communication where people who have MS can be in touch, share things together and maybe become friends".

Sarah is a volunteer for the MS Support Group as an information officer and support worker.

Community publishing co-ordinator Sarah Lay, said: "Welcoming the 700th site onboard is a major landmark for the Beehive Community Network in Derbyshire and a real achievement for Sarah, who created the site.

"It was a real pleasure to be able to help her realise her ambition of starting a site to share her experiences of having MS with others around the world.

"I look forward to seeing how this site develops in the future and am delighted that so many people have already visited the site and contacted Sarah about contributing to it."

The site received around 70 visitors in its first 48 hours online.

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