More MS news articles for September 2002

Research Set To Enhance Understanding of MS and Stroke Causes

Sep. 12, 2002
A team of researchers from Sheffield, England's two universities is to investigate the role played by proteolytic enzymes (enzymes that break down proteins) in the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) and stroke.

Understanding the role of these enzymes could be vital in advancing knowledge of how the conditions are caused, and finding ways to combat them.

Professor Nicola Woodroofe and Dr. Rowena Bunning from Sheffield Hallam University's Biomedical Research Centre (BMRC), part of the School of Science and Mathematics, have joined with Dr. David Buttle from the University of Sheffield's division of genomic medicine to focus on two related groups of proteolytic enzymes called ADAMs and ADAMTSs.

Two research projects, with total funding of 340,000 pounds from the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Wellcome Trust, will investigate if these enzymes degrade components in the brain, leading to the development of MS and stroke. The work, scheduled to start in September 2002, will build on previous research on the ADAM 17 enzyme by Nicola Woodroofe and Rowena Bunning funded by the MS Society and the BMRC. This article was prepared by Pain & Central Nervous System Week editors from staff and other reports.

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