More MS news articles for September 2002

MS sufferers jump from 13,000 feet

13:25 Wednesday 28th August 2002

Three local multiple sclerosis sufferers are about to confront one of their biggest fears, when they jump out of a plane to raise money for the MS Society.

The Croydon branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society has arranged for four members, Gary Booth,42, of West Croydon, Matt Simpson, 57, of Woodside, Tony Seymour, 30, of Selsdon and Wayne Steele, 16, of Kenley to take part in a tandem parachute jump at RAF Bicester, Oxfordshire on Saturday, September 14.

Three of the above suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and Wayne Steele, who has a fear of heights, has never flown before, but they will all jump out of a plane at 13,000ft in a bid to raise thousands of pounds of the MS Society.

The jumpers have already secured sponsorship from companies Arthur Young & Co Ltd, James Findlay & Co Ltd of Glasgow and their London office, but anyone who wants to make donation should call 0208 660 0389.

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