More MS news articles for September 2002

Diffusion of water in large demyelinating lesions: a follow-up study

Neuroradiology 2002 Sep;44(9):764-7
Castriota-Scanderbeg A, Sabatini U, Fasano F, Floris R, Fraracci L, Mario MD, Nocentini U, Caltagirone C.
Department of Radiology, IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, via Ardeatina 306, 00179 Rome, Italy

We studied five patients with multiple sclerosis with one plaque of demyelination more than 2 cm in diameter, using conventional and diffusion-weighted MRI, soon after the onset of symptoms and over 1-36 months.

The orientationally averaged diffusion coefficient <D> was increased in all the acute lesions, and increased further during follow-up in three.

There was a strong correlation between <D> and the degree of low signal on T1-weighted images.

The quantitative information provided by <D> allowed delineation of different diffusion patterns in large MS lesions, that may reflect heterogeneity of the anatomical substrate.