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Country Singer Walker Back From MS

Thu Sep 5, 3:01 PM ET

Six years after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Clay Walker calls it a "blessing" that he is in remission and appreciates every day more than ever.

The country star said being diagnosed early let doctors treat it more effectively. He had minimal use of his right arm and leg, but has regained about 95 percent function in those limbs.

"Mainly with MS it's an every day, I wouldn't say struggle, but it's not even something that really stays on my mind every day, but it is something that you do take day-to-day," the 33-year-old Walker told The Associated Press. "And I'm very grateful to have good health right now and to be in remission. And I hope that it's an inspiration to other people that have MS; they can look at me."

He takes medication daily and stays as physically active as he can.

"I'm blessed," Walker said. "God's given me a lot of gifts. It's great to be able to use them every day. And it just makes you appreciate every day. I golf a lot; try to stay active."

The big thing he said is not to get overheated, since heat makes his symptoms flare up. "It just makes your fingers and toes tingle, and sometimes that's not so bad," he said with a laugh.

Walker, who will release his first Christmas album this month, says he wants his recovery to inspire others.

"I just hope that people can look at me, and whatever they have, whatever disease they have, they can say, 'You know, I can get better.'"

Walker's seventh album, "Say No More," follows four platinum albums, two gold albums, and 11 No. 1 country singles and tracks.

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