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Cell cures possible from bone marrow,,2-2001311814,00.html

BONE marrow cells have great potential for treating diseases of the brain, heart and nervous system, the science festival was told yesterday.

Neil Scolding of the University of Bristol said there was growing evidence that adult cells taken from the bone marrow of patients could perform many of the same functions as those taken from embryos. Bone marrow, like embryonic tissue, is a rich source of stem cells, which have the capacity to develop into all the specialised cells of the body.

The most exciting results had come from experiments at Yale University, where raw bone marrow had been injected into the areas of damage in the spinal cords of rats with a disease very similar to multiple sclerosis. “Six to eight weeks later, they compared them with other rats who had had implants of nerve cells and they saw an almost identical type of repair and degree of repair,” he said.

There was also evidence that marrow cells could help to repair damaged hearts.

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