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‘Scottie’ Kefauver’s book collection to benefit library; sale is Friday

September 04, 2001
By Christine Anderson, staff writer
The Waccamaw Neck Library will be having a special book sale Friday in memory of a generous book lover.

The family of Lynn “Scottie” Kefauver donated 40 boxes of books to benefit the public library and its programs. Kefauver died Oct. 31, 2000, of Multiple Sclerosis. The 46- year-old was an avid reader on a wide variety of subjects, from art to cooking.

“My wife worked in the law profession in Washington, D.C., and had quite an extensive library,” Rick Kefauver of Pawleys Island said.

“We donated about 80 percent of that collection to the Waccamaw Library.”

Kefauver and her husband moved to Pawleys Island in September of 1999, bringing with them her eclectic collection of books. According to her husband, C.S. Lewis was among her favorite authors.

“She had a wide variety of interests and a book to cover them all,” said her older sister, the Rev. Dianne Steelman of Cincinnati, Ohio. “The topics covered everything from the history of civilization to Shakespeare. She dipped into all things. If one of us had a problem, she always picked up a book on the subject.”

Steelman said that when Kefauver was first diagnosed with M.S., the two of them surfed the Internet looking for books on the illness.

“She mostly read hard backed books,” Steelman added. “She thought that was the way to read a book. It was more substantial. And she always wrote notes in the fly-leaf, so you may find interesting little notes like ‘good read’ or ‘not worth the time’ or ‘for a Shakespeare nut.’ That’s how she kept up with what she read.”

Steelman also said that when Kefauver’s children were in school, Kefauver would read all of their assignments with them. She even read up on J.R. Tolken and “Dungeons and Dragons” when they were popular.

Kefauver was rarely without a book, Steelman said. The book lover would carry a book with her at all times in case she had to wait for doctor’s appointments or in case it was a slow day at Brookgreen Gardens where she volunteered.

“She has an eclectic collection of some wonderful books and she read almost all of them,” Steelman said.

“The only two I’m sure she didn’t read were the two she bought the Saturday before she died. She loved reading and wanted everyone to share the passion.

“If you don’t mind little side notes and a few underlined passages, this is a good time to get some great books at a good price.”

The sale will begin Friday at 9 a.m. at the library. For information, call the library at 237-4646.

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