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Leading MS Investigators Go Behind Today's Headlines on Healthology Webcast
'Laverne & Shirley's' David Lander Shares Personal Struggle with MS

Updated 7:46 AM ET September 26, 2000

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- To bring a fuller understanding of the study on early stage multiple sclerosis (MS) published in today's "New England Journal of Medicine," Healthology, Inc., ( announces the premiere of its webcast series exploring these new developments and MS -- a chronic disease of the central nervous system that afflicts 350,000 Americans and about one million worldwide.

The first two webcasts feature two of the principal CHAMPS study investigators who discuss in detail the results of the CHAMPS study and its implications for future diagnosis and treatment of MS. As reported in NEJM, the CHAMPS study demonstrates that early treatment with the drug interferon beta-la, or Avonex, can reduce the speed of the disease onset by more than 40 percent in people who have suffered a first, single, MS-like attack. The other webcasts in this series emphasize the cognitive impairments of MS, treatment decisions that patients and their physicians must face, and the encouraging personal perspectives of those fighting MS.

In addition, Healthology will also feature a webcast interview with David Lander who played "Squiggy" in the classic 1970s comedy "Laverne & Shirley." He relates his personal odyssey of being diagnosed with MS, why he kept it a secret for so long, and how he finally announced his battle with this disease a year ago.

Healthology offers the entire webcast series to media organizations interested in making it available to their online audiences to answer questions about the new study, MS and the stigma that MS patients fear. This series stands as a comprehensive resource for patients and families living with MS providing discussions that address this disease that is most often diagnosed in young adults between ages 20 to 40, and strikes women almost twice as often as men. Those organizations interested can contact Healthology's Corporate Communications Department at 212-760-4359 or by sending an e-mail to:

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