Multiple Sclerosis News for September 2000

29th Sep 2000   Rebif/Billionaire/Orphan Drug Act

29th Sep 2000   MS research urges end of NHS bar on drug

29th Sep 2000   NICE Appeal On Beta Interferon

29th Sep 2000   NICE On Glatiramer Acetate

29th Sep 2000   Montel's New Book

29th Sep 2000   PwMS cleared of drug charge

29th Sep 2000   Even more on CHAMPS study

29th Sep 2000   Targeted Peptide Therapy Trial Stopped But Proves Theory

29th Sep 2000   MS Bike Ride Record Participation

29th Sep 2000   MS Webcasts

28th Sep 2000   NEJM/Avonex Story

28th Sep 2000   NIH/Autoimmune Diseases

28th Sep 2000   Stem Cells/Diseased Eye

28th Sep 2000   National Medical Records Database

28th Sep 2000   Microships

28th Sep 2000   Med MJ/Maine

28th Sep 2000   Med MJ/State Votes

27th Sep 2000   More On Early Use Of Avonex

26th Sep 2000   Med MJ/Bail Rules

26th Sep 2000   Research Betainterferon

26th Sep 2000   Silver-coated Catheter

22nd Sep 2000  Predicting Who Will Respond To INFB

22nd Sep 2000  Exercise/Depression

22nd Sep 2000  MS vaccine in 5 years

22nd Sep 2000  Cycling For MS

22nd Sep 2000  Myelin Repair Hopeful Avenue For Treatment Of MS

22nd Sep 2000  Indicators of MS

22nd Sep 2000  Bush Seeks More Funds for Disease

21st Sep 2000   Eastwood fights ADA suit

21st Sep 2000   Hignell Reveals Illness

21st Sep 2000   MS Benefit Tennis Match

21st Sep 2000   Scientists find hope for MS treatment

21st Sep 2000   Effects of Dietary Supplementation in MS Patients

21st Sep 2000   Occurrence of Autoimmune Disease in MS Patients and Families

21st Sep 2000   NIH Stem Cell Guidelines

21st Sep 2000   Biogen v. Berlex Lawsuit

20th Sep 2000   Stem Cell Research

20th Sep 2000   PWMS/Golfing Again

20th Sep 2000   Creating Hope/Festival

20th Sep 2000   Stem Cell Transplantation

18th Sep 2000   Med MJ/Colorado

18th Sep 2000   Not Enough Neurologists

18th Sep 2000   "Squiggy"/MS

17th Sep 2000   Misguided MS Research?

17th Sep 2000   Making Neurons

15th Sep 2000   Mother w/MS in Habitat House

15th Sep 2000   Gold Medallist/MS Scare

15th Sep 2000   Petition/Blair/MS Drugs

15th Sep 2000   Celebrities/Stem Cell Research

14th Sep 2000   Paclitaxel/SPMS

14th Sep 2000   Chat With Squiggy

14th Sep 2000   Thymic Vaccination

13th Sep 2000   Meredith Vieira's husband

13th Sep 2000   Autoimmune Diseases Are Top Killers

11th Sep 2000   Chronic Disease Health Gap

11th Sep 2000   Donating Unused Embryos for Stem Cell Reseach

11th Sep 2000   Pro-Life Scientists Urge Congress Not to Fund Embryo Stem Cell Research

11th Sep 2000   Oligodendrocyte Precursor Stem Cells

11th Sep 2000   Avonex/PPMS

11th Sep 2000   Betaferon/SPMS

11th Sep 2000   Vioxx Deaths

11th Sep 2000   Celebrity Jeans/$114,000

8th Sep 2000     LA Times/MS Stem Cell Transplants

8th Sep 2000     DiCaprio's Jeans

7th Sep 2000     Investigation of Immune Related Genes

7th Sep 2000     Pew Commission/Chronic Diseases

7th Sep 2000     Trial Results/Anti-IFNg

7th Sep 2000     Caregiver/Stats & Story

7th Sep 2000     Interleukin-1-Receptor Antagonist

5th Sep 2000     Music Therapy

5th Sep 2000     Autoimmune Disease/Women

5th Sep 2000     Oral Copaxone

5th Sep 2000     Attorney Steals From PWMS

5th Sep 2000     Parkinsons May Affect Heart

5th Sep 2000     Learning Tool Stimulates Nerve Function

5th Sep 2000     Note From Nick Irons

1st Sep 2000     Striking Down Med MJ

1st Sep 2000     PWMS Pursues Rape Charges

1st Sep 2000     St. John's Wort/Depression

1st Sep 2000     Runner w/MS

1st Sep 2000     Med MJ Research Center

1st Sep 2000     Even More  On "Jean Therapy"