Multiple Sclerosis News for September 1999

30th September 1999:  Dudley Moore Has Rare Brain Disease

30th September 1999:  Family Sues Dr. Reding

30th September 1999:  Naked DNA Vaccination

30th September 1999:  Dramatic Comeback - Ellison walking

30th September 1999:  Clay Walker

22th September 1999:  Baltimore Sun on MS

22th September 1999:  Immunex MS Web Site

22th September 1999:  Tracking Fluorescent Immune Cells

20th September 1999:  Viral Theory/Gender Bias

20th September 1999:  Combining Avonex and Copaxone

15th September 1999:  International Journal of MS Care

14th September 1999:  Betseron/SP/Study Stopped

13th September 1999:  Campath-1H

10th September 1999:  Smoking/MS/Women

10th September 1999:  MS and Physical Rehab

9th September 1999:    Skin/Autoimmunity

9th September 1999:    UK/Betaseron

8th September 1999:    ChiTrib on Belinda, more errors

8th September 1999:    Research on Blood-Brain Barrier

7th September 1999:    Jane Brody on Tea

7th September 1999:    "Strike Out MS"

7th September 1999:    PWMS Brings Happiness to Others

7th September 1999:    Denver Post on MS

7th September 1999:    National Enquirer on Montel/MS

5th September 1999:    PWMS Hikes Co. Trail

4th September 1999:    PWMS hit by DWI

3th September 1999:    Kevorkian associate a no show

3th September 1999:    Dutch Hospital Test MJ for MS

3th September 1999:    Disclose You're Ill?