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'Wally in a trolley' hits track

16 October 2003, 19.53

A new racing sensation has arrived - a motorised shopping trolley that can reach nearly 65 km/h (40 mph)!

44-year old Colin Boness, from Bedfordshire, fitted a motorbike engine to a normal shopping trolley, weighted the front down and hit the race track.

He knows that some people might think he looks a bit odd. He said: "At work they call me the wally in the trolley".

He made the contraption to raise money for multiple sclerosis charities, and plans to test it on a drag track.

A bit embarrassing

It's all a bit embarrassing for Colin's daughter Tammy, who actually works in the local supermarket.

She said: "I think he's a bit insane really. As he gets older he seems to get younger".

Colin's super-charged shopping cart hits Northamptonshire's drag racing track on Sunday.

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