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Serono still sees over 30 pct U.S. MS share by 2006

October 23, 2003

Europe's biggest biotech firm Serono remains confident that it will win more than 30 percent of the key U.S. market for multiple sclerosis drugs by 2006, Chief Financial Officer Allan Shaw told Reuters on Thursday.

"We're comfortable with that," Shaw said in a telephone interview. "The only way we can get global leadership is to have a leadership position in the United States."

Serono's stated aim is to be global market leader in multiple sclerosis by 2006 with the help of its flagship Rebif drug, whose sales jumped 52 percent in the third quarter.

Shaw said Serono remained opportunistic about using its $1.8 billion cash pile to bolster its drug portfolio.

"If there are companies that have interesting products that make strategic sense then we would not be afraid to utilise the resources that we have," he said.

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