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Updated results of the United Kingdom linkage-based genome screen in multiple sclerosis

J Neuroimmunol. 2003 Oct;143(1-2):25-30
Hensiek AE, Roxburgh R, Smilie B, Coraddu F, Akesson E, Holmans P, Sawcer SJ, Compston DA.
Neurology Unit, Addenbrooke's Hospital, University of Cambridge, Hills Road, CB2 2QQ, Cambridge, UK

In 1996, we reported the results of a linkage genome screen based on 129 UK multiple sclerosis multiplex families, together with follow-up typing of interesting regions in a second set of families.

We have now completed screening the remainder of the genome in this second set of United Kingdom families by typing 242 microsatellite markers.

These data have been analysed together with those previously published, resulting in the largest currently available whole genome linkage dataset from a single population in multiple sclerosis.

Four new regions of potential linkage (chromosomes 10p, 11p, 19p, 20p) not previously described were identified.

In the combined analysis of all 226 families, a total of five regions of suggestive linkage are seen (chromosomes 1p, 6p, 14q, 17q, Xq), where only one would have been expected to occur by chance alone.