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A whole genome screen for association with multiple sclerosis in Portuguese patients

J Neuroimmunol. 2003 Oct;143(1-2):112-5
Santos M, Pinto-Basto J, Rio ME, Sa MJ, Valenca A, Sa A, Dinis J, Figueiredo J, Bigotte de Almeida L, Coelho I, Sawcer S, Setakis E, Compston A, Sequeiros J, Maciel P.
UnIGENe-IBMC, University of Porto, Portugal

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is common in Europe affecting up to 1:500 people.

In an effort to identify genes influencing susceptibility to the disease, we have performed a population-based whole genome screen for association.

In this study, 6000 microsatellite markers were typed in separately pooled DNA samples from MS patients (n=188) and matched controls (n=188).

Interpretable data was obtained from 4661 of these markers.

Refining analysis of the most promising markers identified 10 showing potential evidence for association.