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More MS news articles for October 2003

A genome wide scan for association with multiple sclerosis in a N. Irish case control population

J Neuroimmunol. 2003 Oct;143(1-2):93-6
Heggarty S, Sawcer S, Hawkins S, McDonnell G, Droogan A, Vandenbroeck K, Hutchinson M, Setakis E, Compston A, Graham C.
Regional Genetics Service, Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, UK

In order to screen the genome for linkage disequilibrium (LD) in multiple sclerosis (MS), we typed 2537 microsatellite markers in separately pooled DNA from 200 cases and 200 controls from N. Ireland.

Twenty two markers showing significant evidence of association were identified including three from the HLA region on chromosome 6p21.

Putative candidate genes mapping close to the 19 novel markers include the IL10RA and CD3E genes on 11q23 (which both lie close to the marker D11S1998).

Individual typing of the marker D11S1998 confirmed its association.