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Refining the linkage analysis on chromosome 10 in 449 sib-pairs with multiple sclerosis

J Neuroimmunol. 2003 Oct;143(1-2):31-8
Akesson E, Coraddu F, Marrosu MG, Massacesi L, Hensiek A, Harbo HF, Oturai A, Trojano M, Momigliano-Richiardi P, Cocco E, Murru R, Hillert J, Compston A, Sawcer S.
Neurology Unit, Addenbrooke's Hospital, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Genome-wide screens for linkage in multiplex families with multiple sclerosis (MS) from United Kingdom, Sardinia, Italy and the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have each shown suggestive or potential linkage on chromosome 10.

The partially overlapping regions identified by these studies encompass around 60 cM of the chromosome.

In order to explore this region further, we typed 13 microsatellite markers in the same 449 families originally studied in the individual screens.

This additional genotyping increased the information extraction in the region from 52% to 79% and revealed increased support for linkage (MLS 2.5) peaking at 10p15.