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Disease-modifying drugs in multiple sclerosis

Nurs Stand. 2003 Aug 27-Sep 2;17(50):39-45
Keenan E, Porter B.
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UCLH Trust, London.

This article is a description of practice and a comment on the evolution of a disease-modifying drug (DMD) treatment service for multiple sclerosis (MS) in a tertiary referral centre.

It is hoped it will help other MS nurses who are involved in the establishment of DMD clinics in their area.

It aims to offer an update on practical management of DMDs that may prove useful for any nurse involved in caring for people with MS.

It describes lessons learnt in the establishment and growth of the service and protocols put in place to ensure best practice.

The importance of partnership in care with patients and multidisciplinary collaboration is highlighted, while the pivotal role of the MS nurse in the delivery of an effective service is emphasised.