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Edmonton MS office shut down

October 1, 2003

Several members of the Alberta chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society have resigned over the board's decision to close down the Edmonton chapter.

Last month, a decision was made to shut down the local office, throwing five people out of work. But staff say they weren't given any notice.

"These two people walked in, said 'clean out your desks, you're out of here.' And they stood there while they cleaned out their desks and walked them out the door and had the locks changed," Tom McCaffrey, spokesman for the Edmonton staff, said. "And the board of the Edmonton chapter was never consulted until it was done dead and they're wild."

The provincial board has taken over the Edmonton budget and programs.

Carmen Wyton, president of the Alberta board, says it's standard procedure to dismiss staff without warning and they were all given severance packages.

"They weren't given any warning, but that's in keeping with national protocols," she said. "It was purely an internal business decision to deal with efficiencies, appropriate and responsible use of donors' funds."

The Edmonton operations were merged with the Alberta office to offer better service, Wyton says.

Members of the Edmonton chapter plan to protest in front of the Alberta offices Thursday.

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