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Help Get MS Drugs Covered by Medicare

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September 30th, 2003
Boston Cure Project

There is still time to implore Congressional leaders to support Medicare coverage of all four FDA-approved treatments for MS. As you read this, a committee of healthcare leaders from the House and Senate are formulating the words which will comprise the Medicare reform bill.

Currently, the Senate version of the bill includes all MS treatments, but the House version does not. It is now time for the House and Senate to compromise and produce one bill, which will then proceed to the desk of President Bush for approval.

We urge you, your friends, and family members to contact the following leaders. Appeal to them to support Medicare coverage of all four medicines that are presently FDA-approved for the treatment of MS. These are the decision-makers, or those who are indifferent on this important issue. No matter where you live, call any Senator or Congressman at the numbers listed. If you have the time, call them all. Their receptions keep a tally of calls received on each issue. Or, go online to the website listed at the end of this article and send an email to everyone.

When you call, say, "My name is ... I am calling to urge the (Senator) or (Congressman) to make sure that Congress provides Medicare coverage for all four FDA-approved self injected drugs that are today available to treat multiple sclerosis. Presently, Medicare covers only one of them. These drugs are absolutely vital for people with MS to improve their quality of life and avoid or limit severe disability."

Or visit Whatever you do, do it today. We only have until October 10th. Your voice counts!

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