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More MS news articles for October 2002

Pediatric MS

A number of investigators throughout North America are trying to understand more about early onset MS. At the Pediatric MS Center at Stony Brook University, a study evaluating youngsters with MS or suspected MS, using a team approach, is currently enrolling participants. The research team is assessing the effects of MS on neurologic, behavioral, and social functioning. There is also an opportunity to participate in a research project aimed at studying the causes of MS. Interested individuals should contact Maria Milazzo at 631-444-7802.

The following review of childhood MS was adapted from Kalb, R, DiLorenzo, T, LaRocca, N, Caruso, L, et al. The impact of early onset multiple sclerosis on cognitive and psychosocial indices. International Journal of MS Care (serial online). 1:1-6, September 1999, available at

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