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Is Pregnancy a Model of How We Should Control Some Autoimmune Diseases?,2,9;journal,1,5;linkingpublicationresults,1,1;

Autoimmunity; Volume 35, Number 5/2002; pp: 307 - 312
Sanja Dra)a
Clinic "Dr M. Zotovi'", Sokobanjska 13, 11 000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Pregnancy and parturition are the physiological conditions that affect the course and severity of numerous autoimmune diseases.

If genotype might be primarily considered as a determinant of whether or not autoimmunity develops, clinical heterogeneity of the disease might arise from the interaction of the genotype and the environment.

Numerous external factors with extremely important immunoregulatory properties, including hormones, affect an in vivo open complex immune system.

The further investigation of the role of neuroendocrine-immunological network, including a pregnancy-associated immunomodulation, as much as the role of "causative" or "trigger" agents, may allow the rational basis of new alternative treatment of numerous autoimmune diseases.