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Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Offers Online Forum for Travelers With MS

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Oct. 10, 2002
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Watching the Travel Channel, reading the cruise brochure that came in the mail today, remembering the fun times in that cabin in the mountains ...  Many people with a disability live in those glorious days of yore or in daydream about that weekend getaway or leisurely trip that they have not taken.  Because of a physical impairment, some feel that they will face too many barriers and will never be able to travel again.  Many people with MS worry about the limitations they may face and these thoughts become the barrier.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Inc. (MSF) has developed an Internet forum, MSFrontiers, on their website that allows those with concerns to learn from experienced travelers.  Whether one has just returned from an exciting, accessible journey and has a new travel tip or if someone has been disappointed with a vacation, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation would like to have that story shared.  There are a great many resources available for travelers with disabilities.  MSFrontiers moderators will help to locate these resources and the forum will provide yet another resource -- the chance to ask a question and get an answer, to give a suggestion and to become inspired. This site provides support, encouragement and advice from those who have experienced similar worries and who understand.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing services for those living with MS.  The website is a source of information about MS and the programs and services of the MSF, a national non-profit organization for those whose lives are affected by multiple sclerosis.  For additional information, visit the website or call, toll free, 1-888-MSFOCUS.

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