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Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's Cooling Vest Program Helps Many Beat the Heat

Oct   04,  2002
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
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Laura watched through her bedroom window as her kids ran through the sprinklers in the back yard. They were having such a good time. She longed to spend the 4th of July at the beach with her family and friends, barbequing and swimming as they had done for as long as she could remember. This year would be different though, as the intense summer heat was leaving her nearly helpless, confined to her darkened, air-conditioned house. Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Laura has become a victim, as many MS patients do, of severe heat sensitivity. Heat can cause the MS patient to suffer extreme fatigue and weakness, sometimes rendering the person unable to lead a productive life.

This summer, Laura has had the chance to get back outside with her kids, to ride her bike and to picnic at lunchtime in the park. Laura was the recipient of a cooling vest from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF). Cooling garments provide a temporary relief from high temperatures, and as heat is a factor that plays a role in the lives of so many with MS, the Cooling Vest Program was created to help. Earlier this year, the MSF provided 122 cooling vests to people in 36 states. The 2003 program will be expanded to offer a myriad of new items, such as bandanas that can be worn around the forehead or neck, an adjustable work collar, and a skull pad that can be worn beneath a hardhat or baseball cap. Cooling headbands and wristbands will also be available.

"We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to help so many stay cool this year...more people can benefit from the program in 2003," proclaims Tammi Robinson, Director of Programs and Services at the MSF.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of those afflicted with MS. An extensive array of programs and services is available, free of charge, to those who are in need. For more information about the Cooling Vest Program, multiple sclerosis or the MSF, contact 888-673-6287 or visit

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