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Cannabis Study is Full

12:00 - 15 October 2002
Plymouth Evening Herald
The first trials investigating the medical benefits of cannabis have now recruited the full quota of people needed to take part.

The £1.2 million pioneering UK-wide study into the use of cannabis as a treatment for multiple sclerosis is being led by doctors at Derriford Hospital and funded by the Medical Research Council.

Recruitment began in January 2001 and on Monday, consultant neurologist Dr John Zajicek will announce the study now has its quota of 667 patients.

They were recruited at 38 trial centres in Plymouth, Sheffield, Belfast, Lincoln, London, Manchester, Swansea, Cambridge and Dundee. The study is looking at the effects of cannabis on patients with MS. If cannabis is shown to act as an effective painkiller for MS it is likely to be licensed for medical use in some cases.

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