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MS University to Open Doors for the MS Community

October 1, 2001  8:03am
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KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct 1, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- No entrance exam is required, tuition is free, and the doors to this university are open to anyone interested in learning more about multiple sclerosis (MS). Where do I sign up?

MS University (MSU) opened for enrollment and empowerment July 9, 2001. MSU has replaced the brick and mortar of the traditional university with online classes that will empower people living with MS, physicians, care partners, friends, and family members to learn as much as possible about the chronic, neurological disease. MS University is the first online education site for MS available to people in the MS community.

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Admissions Office

Enrollment is offered through MSWatch(R) ( ), one of the largest communities of people living with MS on the Internet. MSWatch(R) has more than 31,705 members who include people living with MS, their friends, family, and physicians. MSU is like a college for the MSWatch(R) community.

To reach the registrar's office, prospective students need an MSWatch(R) profile. Once that is completed, students are enrolled in the freshman year of classes and can begin studying the human body.

Tour the Grounds

As with any freshman class, tours are available to all new students. Log onto MSU and the virtual tour begins. Students will find a student union, library, gymnasium, cafeteria, and campus bookstore. These resources provide the student populations with places to gather, study, and learn more about each other. MS University offers students a community feel without leaving their living room.

One of the advantages of MSU is students determine the speed of completion in each course. Each course provides the student with the necessary material and is followed by a quiz. Students are required to score a minimum of 70 percent to pass the quiz. Quizzes and classes may be repeated as many times as the student requests. Discussion groups are offered through the student union to aid in quiz preparation and study sessions.

Freshman Classes

The first block of classes covers the human body. Freshmen will learn about each of the systems in the body, including the: nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, organs of sense, urinary system, immune system, endocrine system, skin system, and reproductive systems. Eleven chapters in all, the freshman year prepares each student to understand the overall makeup of the human body. These entry-level classes are the building blocks for the sophomore regimen, as well as upper level classes.

Cafeteria Food

This is not dorm food from the lunch lady. Instead, MSU students can download recipes for healthy eating. Beverages, appetizers, soups, entrees, and more are offered to those who visit the cafeteria. Many people living with MS have found that a healthy diet contributes to the management of their disease.


Take a trip to the gym to find workout equipment and the "benefits of a fit body" tip sheet. The gymnasium gives students the opportunity to use the physiological information they learn in their freshman year with the healthy tips found in the gym to build a better body.


Teva Neuroscience LLC developed MS University in 2001. The company wanted to offer a unique site that allowed people living with MS to educate themselves about their disease and become more prepared to manage their health. Teva Neuroscience is dedicated to a total disease approach and is committed to providing reliable resources to the MS Community. MSWatch(R) and MS University combine to bring people living with MS together with a unique, educational opportunity.

For more information on MS University, log onto to register or take a virtual tour of the campus.

MSWatch(R) is a registered trademark of Teva Neuroscience LLC.

CONTACT: Rebecca Cisek of Fleishman-Hillard for Teva Neuroscience LLC, +1-816-512-2311, or .

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CONTACT:    Rebecca Cisek of Fleishman-Hillard for Teva Neuroscience LLC,
                  +1-816-512-2311, or


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