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Teva re-launches MSWatch

NEW YORK (October 22, 2001) - Teva Neuroscience, a Kansas City-based pharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, has re-launched MSWatch, incorporating new features from the SoftWatch Relationship Server (SRS) platform ( (10/24/2001)

The site builds upon the company's three-year technology investment and partnership with SoftWatch, a provider of Internet relationship management solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

According to Teva, the re-launch of MSWatch will enable the company to meet the individual needs of its registered site user base, including patients using Copaxone, the company's multiple sclerosis drug. In addition to improving the user experience through an improved graphical interface and new site navigation features, Teva worked with SoftWatch to identify business functionalities and upgrades in the SRS platform that would streamline the site administration process and cater to marketing goals.

The SRS platform is designed to provide access to a complete set of tools and applications for building health-specific initiatives geared towards patients and physicians on the Web.

“Over the course of the past three years, our partnership with SoftWatch has enabled us to establish and maintain our online competitive advantage by rapidly responding to user needs and successfully complementing offline campaigns to optimize return on investment," said Mindy Busby, Internet Specialist of Teva Neuroscience, "SRS has given us the flexibility and reliability we need to operate a healthcare site that continually exceeds our users' expectations and fosters their loyalty and trust."

According to Teva, its decision to re-launch MSWatch was based on user feedback gained from discussion boards, surveys and focus groups, and ongoing discussions with SoftWatch about using new SRS product enhancements to augment its e-marketing capabilities.

The new site is designed to enable business teams to conduct refined segmentation of content to improve the delivery of messages to users based on stage of condition and length of treatment. In addition, the online analytical processing (OLAP) data mining capabilities built into SRS is designed to allow Teva to generate business reports according to such set performance indicators as brand conversion rates, site usage and aggregated user-submitted data.

“SoftWatch's strong understanding of healthcare provides us with important perspective in understanding how we can best apply Internet technology towards meeting our goals," said Busby. "Furthermore, SoftWatch built upon their existing commitment to our business with technology enhancements that were easy to customize and implement."

Teva revealed the new MSWatch site offers a number of enhancements including: new links and streamlined navigation designed to enable users to find important information and gain immediate access to popular content types in less time and with fewer clicks; new reporting and graphing tools to enable users to track their condition and manage communications with their physicians; enhanced content management to enable marketers and other site administers to manage the timing and frequency of outgoing messages to drive compliance and facilitate patient support, including targeted delivery of reminder messages and refill alerts; a new survey editor tool designed to enable brand marketing and market research teams to issue impromptu surveys to gain competitive insights on aggregate clinical and lifestyle issues, product satisfaction levels, and user preferences; segmentation tools to allow site administrators to run ad hoc queries and generate sophisticated reports tracking return on investment based on user-submitted data relating to patient compliance and brand conversion rates.

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