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Switzerland Approves Limited Research on Embryonic Stem Cells

ZURICH (Reuters Health) Sept 28 - Switzerland's National Science Foundation approved on Friday limited research on human embryonic stem cells as long as projects are strictly supervised and are not for commercial purposes.

The panel approved a Geneva research project that aims to import stem cells from US researchers. It cited "the enormous potential of [stem cell] research for cellular therapy in diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or heart attacks" and the importance of preserving Swiss know-how in this field. The foundation called on the government to draw up detailed legislation that spells out how research on human embryonic stem cells will be conducted in the future.

The National Science Foundation said that any stem cell research projects conducted in Switzerland will have to be approved by the scientific panel, be of purely scientific nature and pursue clearly defined therapeutic goals.

They must raise no ethical objections, use stem cells obtained legally and at no charge from countries where they were developed for in vitro fertilization purposes, and obtain permission from the donors.

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