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Downregulation of transforming growth factor-ß1 in interferon-ß1a-treated MS patients

Neurology 2001;57:1132-1134
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J. D. Lünemann, MD, O. Aktas, MD, P. Gniadek, MD, R. Zschenderlein, MD and F. Zipp, MD
From the Division of Neuroimmunology, Department of Neurology, Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany.

Address correspondence and reprint requests to Dr. F. Zipp, Division of Neuroimmunology, Department of Neurology, Charité, Schumannstrasse 20/21, 10117 Berlin, Germany; e-mail:

The authors report an intense downregulation of transforming growth factor-ß1 (TGF-ß1) serum levels 4 weeks from start of interferon-ß1a (IFN-ß1a) treatment at 44 µg/week in 271 patients with relapsing–remitting MS, which was still present after 1 year (p < 0.001).

In line with previous data, interleukin-10 serum levels did not vary significantly.

These results indicate that the immunomodulatory effects of IFN-ß might not be restricted to the postulated anti-inflammatory mechanisms and address the role of TGF-ß in the pathogenesis of MS.

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