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Paralympics - Just about to start - A petition

Below is a copy of a post on Please sign it and pass it on.

Original message: Roy Whitaker :

As I was traveling to work on the ferry this morning I noticed that overnight workmen had begun to remove some of the Olympic rings. As you all know, the Paralympics are now only 2 weeks away, yet Mr Knight has decided to slap the athletes of the world in the face by removing this great unifying symbol!

I am very angry.

The paralympians deserve our respect and our support equally as much as their able bodied counterparts. Indeed most of them have had to surmount far greater obstacles to reach the pinnacle of their sport than most of us will ever face. Just imagine that you had not only spent considerable time overcoming a physical or mental disability, but then years training so that you could compete in front of your home crowds. Then imagine you had witnessed the last two weeks of the Olympics and felt the huge generosity of spirit that overcame us all - you'd be so inspired at the thought of what lay ahead, wouldn't you? Then imagine that with a fortnight to go you saw the symbol that had burned brightly on the bridge torn down, the symbol for which you have been spending our soul in training every day, the symbol that is meant to overcome the barriers of race, religion, sex and disability. How would you feel?

The wet weather that has spread across the city will mean that no more can be done until the heavens clear. Accordingly, given that email can spread like the wildfire that has surrounded Sydney over the past few days, can you please place your name on the petition below and send it on to those you think may do likewise (hell, forward it to those who won't - it will only take them 10 seconds to press delete and get on with their day).

If you are the 20th / 40th / 60th etc person on the petition, please also forward it back to me. I will be contacting the media through some paralympic sources to see if there is any interest in this issue.

Please do this small thing to support those that have overcome so much and who stand on the verge of the time of their lives.

Please don't let petty political decisions mar the great generosity of spirit that has blossomed in our most beautiful of cities over the past weeks. Please act.


We the undersigned urge the NSW Government to retain the Olympic Rings on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a symbol of excellence and unity for the Paralympic Games.

  1. Matt Keogh - Mosman, NSW
  2. Amber Cerny - Paddington, NSW
  3. Tim  Dugan - Russell Lea, NSW
  4. Bob graham - Pymble, NSW
  5. Fiona Hammond - Paddington, NSW
  6. Eunice Farram - Hunters Hill, NSW
  7. Joan Dawes - Coogee, NSW
  8. R Miller - NSW
  9. Michael Swanton - London, England
  10. R Forber - Natick, MA
  11. Anjali Forber-Pratt - Natick, MA
  12. Nancy Bazanchuk Agawam, MA
  13. Roy Whitaker - Albuquerque, New Mexico
  14. Joyce Moraczewski - Pine Island, NY
  15. Gary Stoops- Lafayette, IN
  16. Teresa Stoops-Lafayette, IN
  17. Donn Irving, Downey, CA
  18. Paul Jones, London, UK