More MS news articles for October 2000

Multiple Sclerosis, Catholic Community Services And Legal Aid Raise Funds

Sunday, October 29, 2000
It has been more than 22 years since Frank Layden, Tally Stevens, Frank Granato, John Mooney and T.K. McCarthey met with MeriLyn Barrutia, then board president of Utah Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, to plan an event honoring outstanding athletes and calling attention to the fight against MS.

The result is the MS Dinner of Champions, presented by the McCarthey family and attended this year by more than 300 supporters.

"Our father T. K. McCarthey's commitment to the cause was so great that the family has continued it, believing this is someplace where we can make a difference," dinner chairman Philip McCarthey said. The T.K. McCarthey Silver Hope Award, presented this year to Norma Matheson, is in recognition of outstanding contributions to the community.

MS is a chronic disabling disease that randomly attacks the nervous system. Severity is unpredictable. There is no known cause or cure.

Jon Huntsman stopped by to introduce Matheson, thank the McCartheys for support against MS and add $100,000, raising the evening's total to about $185,000.

Natalie Williams, Utah's Woman Athlete of the Century and first woman to receive the Professional of the Year award, brought her Olympic gold medal to the party. High school women's basketball and volleyball champ Reagan Roberts, South Sevier High, and Ashton Buswell, Weber High School all-around athlete, took bows, as did Southern Utah University offensive guard John Uriarte and Brigham Young University runner Susan Taylor Nielson, who attended with husband David Nielson, parents Jon and Lewis Taylor, and uncle and aunt James and Evelyn Lee. National Public Education Award winner Candace Holdaway brought her mother, Kathy Holdaway.

University of Utah head football coach Ron McBride was there with the Team of the Year, and Utah State basketball coach Stewart Morrill was named Sportsperson of the year.

U. Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic Jack Petajan, attending with Eve Petajan, received the first "Above and Beyond" award.

A big round of applause went to MS Champion of the Year Meta Hutchison, NASA logistics coordinator, community activist and mentor for troubled youth, who attended with children Eric and Jade Pearl.

Among the first to arrive were dinner presenter Jane McCarthey, Sandra McCarthey, Molly and Mairin McCarthey, Rachele McCarthey, Vi Yelderman, Nada George, Craig and Toni Carter and Helen Russell. Cindy Coleman was there, as were John Ahmuty, Lee Wuchner, Karen and Steven Allen, Bob and Sharlet Malinsky, Doug and Tricia Terry, programs committee board chair Jay and Pam Gurmankin with daughter Natalia, Marilyn and Bill Melville, Don Gartman and Susan Herbst, Vicky McBride, Chris Hill and Manny and Kammie Hendrix.

Westminster College President Peggy Stock was there, as were Chapter President Tami Featherstone, Janet Glaeser, Pete and Arlene Evanoff, Jugi and Clara Hogue, Donna Liebrecht, Mike and Cathy Cook, Kay and Dick Schubach, Esther Landa, Jeneal and Ed Taylor, Board Chair Pete and Rachel Taylor, Lacey Bagley and Dan Ishihara and Eliza Romero and John Uriarte, Amy and Terry Preston, Byron Russell, Ron Berg, Joanne Mooney and Norm Allred.
Catholic Community Services

At the Legacy of Hope 16th annual Community Service Awards dinner for Catholic Community Services on Oct. 17, Michael George described the late Charlie Fratto as the nicest man he ever met.

"But when I thought of all the people Charlie helped [without recognition], I realized that he was the nicest man they never met," George told some 750 Catholic Community Services friends and supporters.

Honoring Fratto, Mozelle Sweeney and the late Bill Sweeney, without whom there might not be a Marillac House refuge for homeless women and their children, and television station Fox 13 for human-interest coverage, the awards dinner brought fond memories and damp eyes and raised about $100,000 for service programs.

The Most Rev. George Niederauer, Roman Catholic bishop of Salt Lake City, gave the invocation and the Rt. Rev. Carolyn Tanner Irish, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, gave the benediction.

Mozelle Sweeney thanked the Rev. George Davich for his tribute and Catholic Community Services for the award, as did Lynn Fratto, daughter Kelly and son Dominic, there with grandmother Kay Fratto. Footprinters International members Ray Peterson, Stan Jacobsen and Milt Benardis were there to honor Fratto, a past club president.

The Madeleine Choir School songsters were a class act.

Executive director Ron Pierre and Jan Pierre and director of development Joan Bell greeted guests at the pre-dinner reception. Judy Ludwig chatted with Josephine and Joe Dorsett, while Mozelle Sweeney visited with well-wishers Susie and Bill Adams, Father Jan Bednarz, Virginia Sweeney and David and Lydia Gardiner with sons Wyatt and Devin Gardiner.

Elizabeth and Paul Young attended, as did Father Rudolf Daz, Jess and Maria Deollos, Chris and Cathy Hill, Dom and Ginny Albo, Pamela Atkinson, Sara and Scott Nelson, Boyer and Pat Jarvis, Lin Byrne, Sylvia D'Ambrosio and Madeline Choir School Principal Betsy Hunt.

Gloria and Irwin Altman were there, along with Greg Carlisle, Brent and Ann Keller, Lourdes and Cressida Cook, Kris and Bob Parenti, board vice president Michael Murray, Margaret Grogan, Patty Huber, Peggy Lundgren, Cindi Louie and Dan Kaschmitter, Lisa Eshleman, Stephanie Tsuruda and Suzanne and Randy Frisch.

Legal Aid Swings at Domestic Violence

Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake took a swing against domestic violence with a dinner party attended by more than 200 supporters Oct. 20, raising close to $25,000 for programs.

Executive Director Stewart Ralphs welcomed guests, reminding them that the nonprofit law office provided free legal representation to low-income individuals with family law cases to almost 4,000 clients in 1999.

Paralegals in the Bridge the Gap Program Megan Koontz and LeAnn Johnson got a hand for work helping victims of domestic violence obtain permanent orders of custody and child support so they need not return to abusive situations because of economic and emotional pressures.

Honors went to Third Judicial District Court Executive Larry Gobelman and the Attorney General's Family Violence Section Chief Kristine Knowlton. United Way of Great Salt Lake Area CEO Deborah Bayle Nielsen accepted kudos for the organization.

Ms. Davis County Marianne Oldham offered to pick up out-of-service cell phones to be refitted, repaired and given to victims of domestic violence for emergency situations, but added, "It is easier for you to drop the old cell phones off at participating Radio Shack shops."

Kate and Bob Anderson were signing their autographs to silent auction bid sheets up to the last minute along with Dorothy and Bert Dart, Bob and Bonnie Miller, Cassie Wray, Jennifer Anderson and Sharon Donovan and Gene Nielsen, who accompanied United Way chief Nielsen. Auction items ranged from personal training to massages. A hand-turned wooden bowl by Michael Riordan brought heavy auction action.

Peter and Marney Billings and board chair Denise Dragoo and Craig Anderson were there as were Michele Mattsson and Ben Wilson, Justin and Kathleen Toth, Mary Westby, Deborah Gobelman, Helen Christian and Gene Sartain, Anne and Michael Riordan, Stacia Riordan and Dave Sidlow, Jared Davis, Petra Wilson and Staci Schoenfeld, Ken and Sharon Bresin, Executive Director of Utah Legal Services Anne Milne and Executive Director of Disability Law Center Fraser Nelson. %%