Multiple Sclerosis News for October 1999

30th October 1999:    Gene Cluster Identified

25th October 1999:    Advance in Spinal Cord Repair

25th October 1999:    DA with MS

24th October 1999:    Saved by a Jellyfish??

24th October 1999:    Jimmy Huega Wins Award

24th October 1999:    Jerusalem Post:Proneuron

24th October 1999:    Melatonin/Parkinson's

23rd October 1999:    ABC's - head to head study

21st October 1999:    Medical Journal Conflicts

21st October 1999:    Accepting Chronic Illness

21st October 1999:    Brain Reorganizes in MS Patients

13th October 1999:    e-medicine

10th October 1999:    Lawyers Sue Health Insurers

9th October 1999:      Stem Cells Frustrate Scientists, Politicians

8th October 1999:      PWMS:Courage

7th October 1999:      Free Lecture at NYU, 10/17/99

7th October 1999:      Research:Immune Tolerance

7th October 1999:      SteeleVest

6th October 1999:      Boston Globe on Rebif vs. Avonex

5th October 1999:      Rebif vs. Avonex

5th October 1999:      More on Rebif vs. Avonex

4th October 1999:      Fox News on Mayo Plasma Exchange

2nd October 1999:      Linda David Sues State

2nd October 1999:      LeukArrest Study Stopped