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Stars Team Up For Richard Pryor Tribute

November, 2003
WOKR-TV 13 Rochester

A host of stars are gearing up to appear in a tribute to Richard Pryor - and the ailing comedian will host the event himself.

Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead Yet, ******* is scheduled to air on Comedy Central on November 30, featuring such comedians as Chris Rock, Denis Leary, Jamie Foxx, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Harvey and Wanda Sykes paying tribute to the legendary star, who now suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Pryor says, "It's not a 'BS' didn't-he-used-to-be-great tribute - it's a funny goddamn show. I may have MS, but I ain't dead yet."

The show will also feature Pryor's unreleased diary excerpts.

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