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Spanish Poet Miquel Marti i Pol Dies at Age 74

November 11, 2003
Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

Spanish poet Miquel Marti i Pol died in Vic near Barcelona on Tuesday, news reports said. He was 74.

Marti i Pol was the best-known modern poet in the Catalan language spoken in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia. His works were translated into some dozen languages, and at one point he was tipped for the Nobel Prize.

Marti i Pol started working in a textile factory at age 14. He fell ill with multiple sclerosis in 1973, dedicating himself to poetry during his decades-long illness.

Marti i Pol once described his poetry on universal themes such as love and death as a "tender" way of fighting his illness.

Marti i Pol was awarded numerous prizes including the National Literature Prize 1988. His best-known works include "L'arrel i l'escorca" (Root and bark), "El llarg viatge" (The long voyage) and "Amb vidres a la sang" (With glass in the blood).

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