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Pain management techniques used by patients with multiple sclerosis

J Pain. 2001 Aug;2(4):205-8
Heckman-Stone C, Stone C.

This study investigated the pain management techniques used by patients with multiple sclerosis.

Participants from a state branch of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society completed surveys asking for their [ldquo ]most[rdquo ] and [ldquo ]least[rdquo ] effective pain management techniques.

Participants then rated these techniques as to their effectiveness.

Ninety percent of participants reported pain, with usual pain being in the moderate range.

Typical respondents reported several effective and ineffective pain management strategies including medication, physical manipulation, exercise, psychosocial or alternative techniques, and rest/sleep.

The health care and quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis might be significantly improved if these pain experiences and strategies were to receive more clinical and research attention.