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The use of magnetic resonance imaging in the study of asymptomatic familial multiple sclerosis patients

Rev Neurol. 2003 Nov 1-15;37(9):811-4
Barakat Shrem O, Fernandez Perez MJ, Benavente Fernandez A, Garcia Moreno JM, Ruiz Pe a JL, Fajardo Galvez J, Izquierdo G.
Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Sevilla, Espa a.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological non traumatical disease, that produces permanent incapacity in the young people with more frequency.

A consensus, almost total exists, on the implication of environmental and genetic factors in the pathogenesis of the disease.

In a considerable percentage of patients, antecedent relatives of other cases of MS exist, who are separated by other healthy relatives sometimes.


We try to study the familiar antecedents of the MS patients, to locate to the healthy members of the family including in the forced line of the possible genetic transmission of the disease and discarding subclinical affectation by the use of magnetic resonance imaging (RMI).


We reviewed the familiar antecedents of the patients with MS followed by the Unit of MS of the Service of Neurology of the Hospital Virgen Macarena of Seville.

After the accomplishment of its genealogical trees, we identified the cases of familial MS.

We locate and practice RMI to the healthy subjects of the family, who are in the genetic line of communication of the disease (forced carriers).


We were able to identify 14 forced carriers of the gene in 12 of the families.

In the RMI that were done, we found MS compatible injuries in 10 subjects.

These findings confirm the existence of silent forms of the disease, that make difficult the knowledge of the genetic implication in the pathogenesis of the disease.