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Marijuana suffers in dispute over power bill

November 17, 2003

A couple that grows medicinal marijuana is upset that their plants have been damaged, after ATCO limited their power because of outstanding bills.

Wanda and Jack Nelson were living with little power, because they couldn't reach an agreement with ATCO on a payment plan. Wanda Nelson has multiple sclerosis, and a permit from the federal government to grow marijuana, which helps her cope with muscle spasms. The plants need light to grow.

Jack Nelson says he tried to work out a payment plan with ATCO, but they wanted the full amount up front, before turning the power back on. However, full power was restored Friday afternoon, after CBC called the company for comment.

ATCO says a payment schedule was agreed to; Jack Nelson says no arrangement has been made.

Jack Nelson says he's happy they once again have power, but is concerned that the plants will take months to recover.

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