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Nov 1, 2002
Linda Irwin
Real Living with Multiple Sclerosis

BELOW ARE THE MUSINGS I've learned not to question but instead, put to paper. The hope is that they'll give others a lift or bring them a smile. I gladly share them with you.

With MS, I have learned...

* to be grateful for good days.

* that I can't safely sneeze while standing.

* to focus on my abilities.

* that I'm not disabled; I just do things differently than most other people.

* that using my cane helps me practice energy conservation.

* that borrowing trouble merely means I'll have to pay interest on it later.

* to take a tablet or two of humor with my morning vitamins.

* that goldfinches on the perch of our feeder can eat upside down.

* that I don't look like I have a chronic disease.

* that shopping carts use more disability parking spaces than people with disabilities.

* that there are more beautiful sunsets than ordinary ones.

* that I can't always reach the roses to stop and smell them, but I can enjoy their beauty.

* that my MS friends are a very important part of my support system.

* that no one comes to my "pity parties."

* after parking in a disability parking space, I get dirty looks when I exit my car and don't appear to have a disability.

* that my MS is difficult enough for me to understand, let alone for someone else.

* that seeing the world from a wheelchair beats being too tired to enjoy it.

* that, in winter, the closest disability parking spaces are filled with snow.

* to decorate my cane for holidays and special occasions.

* to adjust, readjust, arrange, rearrange, compromise, change, switch to Plan B, modify, and adapt while smiling.

* that a kind word, telephone call, card, or note can keep me going for weeks.

* that I learn more when I listen than when I talk.

* that it's dangerous to do "wheelies" in a wheelchair.

* how much noise a cane makes when it goes from a vertical to a horizontal position.

* that positive thinking is powerful and reality checks are necessary.

* how adversity can bring new thoughts, ideas, and a deeper faith.

* that I'm the creator of the quality of my life.

* that there are people who, without even knowing it, make this world a little brighter and a little nicer to be in; I'm so grateful for those who light up my life.

* that "oops" is a verb.

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