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Waking up Wales

19 Nov, 2002

Five disability umbrella groups have called on the parties contesting next May's Welsh Assembly elections to campaign for free personal care for all disabled people.

The five organisations, under the banner of the Wales Disability Reference Group (WDRG), have issued a manifesto setting out a range of policies they want to see adopted.

Disability Wales, Mind Cymru, the learning disability organisation SCOVO, Wales Council for the Blind and Wales Council for the Deaf have also called for support for advocacy schemes, housing advisory services for disabled people, a review of the accessibility of public transport and improved access to health services.

And they said the National Assembly for Wales should enable every disabled child in the country to attend their local mainstream school. They also want the Assembly to commission research into employment barriers for disabled people and to pressure the UK government to review the Access to Work scheme.

David Groves, consultation officer for Disability Wales, said there had been "little bits" of improvement in "little areas" of concern to disabled people over the course of the Assembly since its first elections in 1999.

He said: "We are hoping for much more significant progress in the four years ahead."

The five WDRG members, which represent more than 600 disability groups, will also issue their own manifestos.

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