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Respite Care Directory

5 November 2002

First Respite Care Directory for People affected by MS

The Multiple Sclerosis Society has published the first directory of respite care providers for people affected by MS. It brings together details of the services offered by more than 300 providers across the UK.

Said Sharon Haffenden, the Society's director of research and services, Respite care helps thousands of people with MS to live independently. It means they and their carers alike can take the breaks they need.

The Society has its own specialist respite care centres. We have now researched a wide range of other providers - from residential care through day centres to home respite care - and services such as rehabilitation and complementary therapies they can offer people with MS.

The directory uses easy-to-follow symbols to signpost the way to the right services in the right place. It is also a valuable resource for health and social care professionals advising people affected by MS.

As well as describing the different types of respite care available, the directory provides information about obtaining funding and suggests questions to ask when choosing the place to go.

It costs £4.95 (cheque payable to MS Society) from Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS National Centre, 372 Edgware Road, London NW2 6ND. It is also available on the Society's website: