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Charity pair's stolen bike retrieved

Nov 6 2002
The Western Mail
A COUPLE who had their motorbike stolen at the end of a round-the-world charity ride are coming back to Wales to pick up their recovered bike today.

Ralph Dixon, 42, and Fionnuala Livingston, 40, were on a 30,000km trip to raise funds for multiple sclerosis when the bike was stolen at Magor Services over the weekend.

But Gwent Police traced and recovered the BMW bike and the couple will pick it up outside City Hall in Cardiff.

When the bike was stolen the couple were just a day away from completing their journey to London, their final stop.

They had to finish their trip by train.

Inspector Dave Moses from Gwent Police said officers were delighted to have tracked down the powerful BMW F650. "We were really over the moon," he said.

"Everyone seems to have wanted to go the extra mile with this one.

"It was down to a lot of effort by South Wales Police officers, who helped us with our inquiries and used their local knowledge very well to recover it."

As well as losing the bike, the Sydney couple also lost gifts they had been given by people all over the world, and CDs containing photo-graphs of their journey.

Sergeant Ceri Lloyd, from Gwent Police, said at the time, "They have travelled through India, Pakistan, through parts of Asia, north Africa and they have even been to Iraq.

"It is ironic they have been through all those countries and come to Wales and had their bike stolen."

English-born Mr Dixon - himself an MS sufferer - and Ms Livingston, had just finished travelling through Scotland and Ireland, and were riding through Wales towards north London where they were to attend a special reception hosted by the MS Society.

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