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A randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of intensity of therapy upon length of stay in a neurological rehabilitation setting

J Rehabil Med 2002 Nov;34(6):260-6
Slade A, Tennant A, Chamberlain MA.
Academic Unit of Musculo-skeletal and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Leeds, UK.

A randomised single-blind controlled trial was designed to determine whether intensity of therapy (physiotherapy and occupational therapy) shortened length of stay for patients in a rehabilitation unit.

Patients were under 65, primarily with stroke, but also with other conditions such as traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis.

The experimental group were timetabled to receive 67% more therapy in any given week, than the control group.

After controlling for confounders and case mix (as expressed by type of therapy required) patients in the experimental group showed a significant 14-day reduction in length of stay (<0.01).

Concurrently average length of stay was increased for both groups by 16 days due to delays in discharge.